Do you have a super special cover in your mind and want to bring it to life?

You’ve come to the right place! My turnaround rate is super fast (around 1-3 days depending on start date) and my worklist is currently open to new clients! I specialize in all sub-genres of romance and as a romance author myself, I know EXACTLY what will help you sell your book.

(Please keep in mind that I require a 50% deposit upon acceptance of the order, the other half to be paid upon receipt of watermarked cover)

I offer 2 different custom cover options:

THE OMAKASE – Just like you telling the sushi chef “Omakase!” when you trust him to give you a solid plate of sushi, you’re trusting me to design you a solid cover that will help you sell books! (Psst, I generally enjoy this option more because it offers me more creative license! Besides, isn’t there something so damn satisfying about being surprised (in a good way) by your new cover?)

The OMAKASE is $80 and includes up to 3 stock images of your choosing (from depositphoto) as well as one revision. Additional costs will apply for more revisions. Paperback wraps are an additional $30.

THE FULL MONTY – Did you mean that “the full monty” actually means (according to google) “everything which is necessary, appropriate or possible, the works”? With THE FULL MONTY package, I will pull out ALL the stops to design a topnotch cover that will literally suck my creative well dry for a few days, leaving me a crinkly husk staring blankly at the TV for 72 hours.

The FULL MONTY is $150, including multiple stocks and up to 5 revisions. Price includes paperback wraps.